Friday, January 1, 2010


We got an amazing snow storm on Christmas Eve and all day Christmas day. The kids were so thrilled to have a white Christmas and tons of snow to play in.

Todd did a little playin' in the snow too. Not to be outdone by his brother-in-laws beautifully rounded snowman on Trisha's blog, Todd created "Giagantor the snow man" standing at 8 1/2 feet tall. He had to use a ladder to create the face and put the magic hat on top.

Conner and Dawson and Tyler had a ball creating this snoman. Conner told me he was naming her "Jennifer Snopez" cuz she has a big bootie. Wha? Nothin wrong with a little junk in the trunk.

Jayci was quite pleased with her snow creation that we affectionately named "Larry the cucumber-sicle".

This was Bridger before his first experience playing in the snow. He looks happy here even though he's so bundled he can't move. He was not a fan of the snow and didn't last very long out there even when I tried pulling him on a sled. Probably because it was cold and he couldn't move around enough to play in it. Maybe next year he'll get into it more.

The kids had a blast sledding and playing in the snow. They got pretty cold so they came in and warmed up with some hot chocolate and a soak in the jetted tub. (More like a splash-fest, but they had a great time!)

Nothin' like a soft, cozy towel to wrap up in after bathtime. The hooded towels I made for them years ago were lookin' pretty scary, so Santa brought some new ones.

I had to take this picture of Bridge and his favorite elephant toy. He loves to spin his tummy and hear the elephant sing and it entertains him for a long time. Not so entertaining for us after hearing the songs over and over and getting them stuck in our heads, but what do ya do? "I am an elephant floppin' my ears. I am an elephant swingin' my trunk. My ears and nose and mouth and eyes are on my head, that's no surprise! I'm your elephant." Sorry, I had to share the madness.

I was terrible about taking pictures this Christmas and the video I thought I was taking wasn't, so I had the kids pick their favorite toys and pose on the couch at the end of the day so we at least had something. Conner and his Ripstick, Dawson and his remote control ATV, Jayci and her Furr Real pet, Bridger with his mirror laptop and the Build-a-Bear friends in their new outfits.

Christmas morning waiting on the stairs before going to see what Santa left.

Christmas Eve in the Grandma jammies. My mom made all the grandkids pj's this year and they looked so cute! She had 15 to make and we think she's a little insane to attempt that, but she always made us Christmas pajamas growing up and is carrying on the tradition. Thanks Grandma!

It's our family tradition to dress up and go caroling to deliver our neighbor gifts. Todd and I used to do Christmas shows and had these costumes made, but lately we haven't had time and caroling is about the only time they get used.

It's a Newsie!

Tiny Tim

Our little Ice Princess

Mini Bob Cratchet

Conner with St. Nick

D-dog with Santa

Jayci was terrified of Santa. It took a lot of coaxing and the threat of missing out on a gift to get her to at least stand near Santa for the picture. Note the nervous smile on her face.

The Down Syndrome Guild hosted a wonderful Christmas party with a yummy breakfast, lots of gifts and visits with Santa. The kids loved it! This is Bridger's first encounter with the big man. He was pretty indifferent about the whole thing and quite interested in Santa's beard more than anything. He's into pulling hair, so it's a good thing he didn't get a handful of the white stuff or Santa may have lost his facial hair.

Jayci was really cute in her pre-school Christmas program. (Top row, 4th in from right) She loves to sing and knew all the words. Nothing like a whole pack of mini santas singing loudly off key to get you in the Christmas spirit!

This was my second attempt at bow making. I made these bows for my sister Trisha's girls to go with their Tutu's for Christmas.

Bridger discovered that he can reach the piano and loves to add his own musical genius to Conner's practicing.

This is Jayci's primary class. She loves her teacher, Sister Fonua. When she told Jayci that she wouldn't be her teacher next year, Jayci put her hand on her hip and said, "Well who do I need to talk to because I am not happy about this!!" That's ma girl!

Conner won the spelling bee in his 4th grade class and went on to compete against the other 4th and 5th grade winners. He made it several rounds before misspelling "exercise". Better luck next time buddy!


This is Bridger's favorite sleeping position-folded over in sitting. He's a very flexible little dude!

Conner won his first pinewood derby! Sadly Dawson had swine flu, so I was home with him and Todd was out of town, so we weren't there to cheer him on. But he did great! He also got first place at BMX that week and was flyin' high!

These are our buddies across the street - the Blackwells - hangin' with the kids and enjoying some lunch.

Dawson had his first Kindergarten performance in the tie-dyed shirts they made at school. He did such a cute job singing! This is him at his desk enjoying a treat afterward.

The fourth grade went on a field trip to Jefferson City and got to tour some of the historic places there. This is at the Governor's Mansion. It was fun to go experience this with Conner and visit with the other parents.

This is Conner and his friend Alyssa.

Conner's class outside the Governor's Mansion.

These are my cheerleaders waiting for me to finish the race. Dawson is wearing the hideous shirt I got for running the "Pilgrim Pacer" 10k race in Shawnee Kansas. This is me right before my first 10k race. It was very cold!!! But I beat my best time and took 6th out of 56 women in my age category, so I was pretty excited!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

October Festivities

Happy Halloween!! Royal Family Theme this year.

This is the view our trick or treaters had when they came to our door. Princess Jayci got the swine flu and couldn't go out, so she sat on her royal throne, guarded by her knight in his saucer and greeted out visitors. Her brothers did the footwork for her so she still got the loot. Hmm...not too shaby! She might try that again next year!

Ready for Trick or Treating!!

My little Knight in shining armor.

Jayci was so excited to be a "pwincess" in pink this year.

The Halloween Parade at pre-school.

Bridger was happy to be there!

Our pumpkin carving night. This picture is scary in more ways than one...

Poor Conner got the swine flu just in time for grandparents day and couldn't go, so Dawson had Omi and Opa to himself for his first experience. He was cool with that!

Omi and Opa brought a surprise visitor - Aunt Gerlinde - in their suitcase and we were so surprised and excited to see her! We had a wonderful time all together and the kids loved every minute with the O-parents. (That's my new word for Omi and Opa. Kinda catchy, dontcha think?)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Annual "Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk"

Thanks to all our friends and family who supported this year's fund-raiser for the Down Syndrome Guild. It was especially fun to have many of our neighbors walk with us!